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Catching Up - Cycle II - Plus 5

My apologies for not posting in the last seven days. It's now 5 days after my last chemo cycle ended, Sunday, and I tell you I simply haven't felt well. It's not so much I'm nauseous, which is what my doctors expect me to be (and I'm building up a nice little supply of anti-nausea pills in the cupboard) but rather I'm tired, fatigued and, at night, insomniac. In addition my legs are quite weak. If I could best describe how I feel it's over medicated - you know, like when you take too much codeine and feel hazy and light-headed. Thank god I've skipped the intestinal viral problems this time around. And as I said to Megan, though, at least the further out I get from my actual chemo days the better I feel.

The somewhat depressing part is the ongoing sickness and the sense that I just feel worse and worse, compared to how I felt before I started the chemo. But Maryse, ever the optimist - and she's right - says I'm going to continue to feel worse before I eventually feel better. Now, that's not as depressing a statement as it sounds. If I were to be as optimistic as she and my doctors are I'd realize that this entire process will result in a bone marrow/stem cell transplant that will eradicate 90 per cent of my cancer. And how will that be when it comes to feeling better...!

Interesting development today, although I don't know the results yet. The doctor I saw at the bone marrow transplant unit last week - Dr. Ansti - ordered a heart scan in the nuclear medicine unit this morning. The technician said this was a normal benchmark type of activity for bone-marrow transplant candidates, meant to determine if my heart was up to handling stronger drugs if and when necessary.
Hey, I'm officially a Quebec handicapped parker - got my parking shield in the mail this week. Age, and a decrepit body, marches on! Now I have to get my doctor to fill in a form to ensure the province doesn't take away my license. I kid you not. I did so well at convincing the province I needed a handicapped parking pass now they're not sure I can drive any more. Sheeesh! Now I can park next to the doors at Wal Mart to get my prescriptions...I just can't drive to get to the parking spot!
Guitar: Yeah, yeah, I know

Book: Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas - Hunter S. Thompson
Music: "Sailing" from Christopher Cross - Christopher Cross


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