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The Party

Yesterday was Miko's 1st birthday party (even though his birthday was the 23rd). It was quite a day!
Here's the smiley, happy guy. Boy did he have fun. And he was a laugh a minute! Like when he shared his juice box with Uncle Matt.

Later Matt enjoyed his own "juice box".
Nana and Steve were there, of course. Grampa and Nana enjoyed their seven-year reunion.
But the day was reserved for you know who, and you know who enjoyed a pile of wonderful gifts and showed his appreciation to the assembled...
The cake (individual chocolate-iced cupcakes) was a big hit...
Particularly with Mikayil...
Dad (Selo) thought so...
Miko and Mom enjoyed watching the kids hit the bejeezus out of the piniata...
Mimi takes a whack...
And Layla too...she would eventually crack the thing open - full of candies for all!
And at the end of the day, who was still going strong? My Miko!

Book - "The Black Book" by Orhan Pamuk

Music - "Sky Blue Sky" by Wilco


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