Sunday, 26 August 2007

Gone Fishin'

Well, I'm back. Back after a wonderful week in Temagami, Ontario at Loon Lodge.

Here's the dock and snack bar...and the cottage we stayed in.
The weather was pretty good for the most part. It rained Thursday. It was somewhat threatening Wednesday and Friday, but those were our best days fishing. Pierre and I fished off the dock Monday and caught nothing to speak of. Tuesday we rented a boat
and fished at Sliding Rock where we caught about 6 medium-sized bass. Wednesday the lodge owner, John Moskwa, took us way out somewhere on the lake where, using our own rods we drifted back and forth and boy were we succesful as the following pictures will attest.
Boy were we happy. We just seemed to keep catchin' 'em. When all was said and done we brought back 16 fish among the 3 of us. That doesn't count the ones we threw back. Having caught big ones we started to get cocky and threw the smaller ones back. The 8 biggest ones are held by Pierre, John and John Moskwa, below. The 8 smaller ones we ate for dinner that night!

Or another way of looking at them...Of course we took it easy too. Some of us read...
And others took a very relaxed approach to fishing off the dock...
Still others preferred to park themselves in the Duke!
All in all it was a great week. John and his wife Jenny took wonderful care of us. And they said they missed Jim and hoped to see him next year.

Book: Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail '72 by Hunter S. Thompson

Music: Under the Blacklight by Rilo Kiley

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