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Pause Ponder and Nick Cage's Package

Boy the sillier the picture, the greater the captions. I just throw out weird photos and you guys never fail to amaze me. I'm surprised, though, that no one made a reference to Nicolas Cage's "national treasure". Well not in so many words. But here's the words some of you guys used:

Holy shit mamma! This can't be a true replica. He feels like a Ken doll!!!

It won't let go of my hand!

What TSA security agents do when on vacation

Our winner this week is on a roll, having won last week's contest too! Hey, if people leaving captions tell me they like this one best who am I to argue...

The Waxman Cometh

Way to go Cheryl. You're one funny lady. Congratulations, you be hangin' with dufus again. What do you wanna do this week? Wanna check out the dummies at the museum?

And how about a salute to our runners-up this week? Great captions everyone.

See everyone next week.


Cheryl P. said…
OMG, I am blushing...I won, I won...

Well, I be hangin with the dufus another week!! We could watch an old rerun of The Taxman Cometh, or we could go all high brow and go to the play The Iceman Cometh or we could go to a local bar and get sloppy drunk. What's your choice.

to the others that play,,I sure enjoy playing with you. You are seriously a clever bunch.
nonamedufus said…
Well, lessee, it's 11:30am and I'm already sloppy drunk, so it'll hafta be wonna the udder two. Congradulayshuns...hic.
Boom Boom Larew said…
Oh, yeah! Go Cheryl! I didn't even try to compete with that one!
Cheryl P. said…
Well, now aren't you just the "over acheiver" of the barroom crowd. Order one of those fruity drinks with an umbrella and have the bartender put it on my tab.
nonamedufus said…
No you didn't, did you?
nonamedufus said…
Why? Is hid rainin' or sumpin'?
00dozo said…
Congrats again, Cheryl! I'm waning in your glory once again.

And congrats to all the other honourables.

Thanks again, dufus for the mention.

And to all the other unmentionables, they were great zingers!

nonamedufus said…
Can ewe pash me that glash with the umbrella innit?
00dozo said…
Only if you pass me that glass with the vodka martini in it.


(Hey, it's a holiday weekend here - I got started early too!)
nonamedufus said…
One olive or two?

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