Saturday, 30 July 2011

Pause Ponder and Pickles

Just when you think you've seen it all, along comes a picture like this. I mean what the heck is going on here? I thought this was an updated version of Looby Loo. But what do I know. Well you guys seemed to have an explanation. Let's see what some of you said.

The actual "reward" of the Nigerian spam scams.

Are those cucumbers in your mouths or are you just glad to see me?

What birthday could ever be complete without the bumps. And face dildos.

Finding shit like this on the hard drive is why I stopped using my dad's computer.

Sigh. I said "hold the pickle."

But Mikewj wins this week with his double whammy (not a euphemism) with:

I was Googling "Men with vegetables in their mouths" - don't ask why -
and it brought me here. Weird.


James suddenly realized that his worst fears about being sentenced to prison
were about to come true.

Okay, Mike, you be hangin' with dufus this week. What do you wanna do? I know. We could go down to the music store and see how many song titles we can find with the word "love" in them. Been done already, eh? Well feel free to copy my badge to your blog so you'll have something to remember this momentous occasion by.

Be sure and visit these guys' blogs by clicking on the links up there. These are very funny people. And many thanks to everyone for playing this week. All the captions were great. I only wish I could publish them all here. See you next Wednesday for another edition of Pause Ponder and Pun.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

A Whole Lotta Love

My buddy MikeWJ over at Too Many Mornings posted a pic on his blog this week and promoted it on Facebook. Mike, another blogging buddy Linda Medrano - from The Good, The Bad, The Worse - and I kind of got carried away in the comments. Our amorous three-way...ahem...repartee went on for three days. You might say today's post wrote itself. I thought you'd enjoy this...

I’ve been in love once or twice, and it’s grand. Love can be friendly, erotic, spiritually satisfying or all three at once. It can also be exhilarating, making you feel like your hair’s on fire. If you still have hair. I like that wild lovin’ feeling as much as I do the rest of t
    • Linda Medrano I love the "hunk a hunk of burning love"
      Monday at 1:45pm ·
    • Michael Whiteman-Jones I like "Love Hurts."
      Monday at 1:47pm ·
    • Linda Medrano Ouch!
      Monday at 1:48pm ·
    • John Bray Don't you guys think that while sometimes it's a battlefield love is a many splendored thing?
      Monday at 2:39pm ·
    • Michael Whiteman-Jones I think that when a man falls for a woman, when he's crazy in love, he doesn't consider that sometimes love stinks.
      Monday at 2:50pm ·
    • Linda Medrano I think Love For Sale is the best idea.
      Monday at 2:54pm ·
    • John Bray You know, some say all you need is love and sometimes I'm addicted to love. Now isn't that a groovy kind of love?
      Monday at 4:08pm ·
    • Michael Whiteman-Jones Sure, but why do fools fall in love? Is it because it's young love, or everlasting love?
      Monday at 5:40pm ·
    • Linda Medrano Yeah, but I really think Love Will Keep Us Together.
      Monday at 5:46pm ·
    • Michael Whiteman-Jones Love is all you need, no doubt, but you can't buy me love. You can't hurry love, either.
      Monday at 5:47pm ·
    • Linda Medrano You can buy you love. Don't be silly! It's not all Love and Marriage.
      Monday at 5:48pm ·
    • Michael Whiteman-Jones It's not all love and marriage, sometimes it's a love train or a love rollercoaster. Other times, of course, it's a love hangover.
      Monday at 5:50pm ·
    • Michael Whiteman-Jones I tell you one thing, though. I'm addicted to love.
      Monday at 5:50pm ·
    • Linda Medrano I'm talking about "Modern Love" and it is for sale at the Love Shack.
      Monday at 5:51pm ·
    • Michael Whiteman-Jones The love shack has a special on a crazy little thing called love.
      Monday at 5:52pm ·
    • Linda Medrano Yeah, but just when I thought he was getting ready to Love Me Tender he asked for the money.
      Monday at 5:54pm ·
    • John Bray Ha...and they call it puppy love!
      Monday at 8:07pm ·
    • Linda Medrano Sometimes they call it April Love and then you can write Love Letters in the Sand.
      Monday at 8:16pm ·
    • John Bray Oh, Linda, I will always live you. I love you like a rock.
      Monday at 8:33pm ·
    • Linda Medrano Oh John, my only question is Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
      Monday at 8:44pm ·
    • Linda Medrano Wait John, you will always love me or "live" me. Now I'm worried. Mama always told me I gave it away too fast.
      Monday at 8:55pm ·
    • John Bray Stiched up tight can't shake free
      Love is the drug got a hook on me
      Oh catch that buzz love is the drug I'm thinking of
      Oh can't you see love is the drug for me.
      Monday at 8:58pm ·
    • Michael Whiteman-Jones Great song!
      Monday at 8:58pm ·
    • Linda Medrano John and Michael, Stop! In the Name of Love!
      Monday at 9:02pm ·
    • Michael Whiteman-Jones We can, but what will we do after the lovin'? I wish we could call Alice for advice. All the girls love Alice.
      Monday at 9:04pm ·
    • Linda Medrano Yeah, but you always hurt the one you love.
      Monday at 9:07pm ·
    • John Bray Alice, Alice? Who the f*** is Alice? That Alice?
      Monday at 9:43pm ·
    • John Bray Dance me to the end of love guys because there ain't no cure, there ain't no cure for love.
      Monday at 9:45pm ·
    • Linda Medrano Let's just go to the Chapel of Love, John.
      Monday at 9:46pm ·
    • John Bray If you can't be with the one you love, baby, love the one you're with. It was a 60s thing.
      Monday at 9:50pm ·
    • Linda Medrano Well, I know that. But To Know Know Know Him Is to Love Love Love Him and I do.
      Monday at 9:53pm ·
    • John Bray Oh, that was a good one. Keep this up, Linda, and people will say we're in love.
      Monday at 9:57pm ·
    • Linda Medrano Yeah, I love you long time.
      Monday at 10:03pm ·
    • Linda Medrano Maybe I should be Taking A Chance On Love?
      Monday at 10:05pm ·
    • John Bray Romeo love Juliet
      Juliet she felt the same
      When he put his arms around her
      He said Julie baby your my flame
      Now give me fever
      Monday at 10:05pm ·
    • Linda Medrano Hello. I love you. Won't you tell me your name?
      Monday at 10:06pm ·
    • John Bray Wanna whole lot of love, wanna whole lot of love
      Monday at 10:08pm ·
    • John Bray As I make my way to bed remember only love can break your heart
      Monday at 10:13pm ·
    • Linda Medrano You give love a bad name, Honey.
      Monday at 10:13pm ·
    • John Bray Love don't live here anymore. G'night.
      Monday at 10:15pm ·
    • Linda Medrano My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.
      Monday at 10:20pm ·
    • John Bray Where is the love?
      Monday at 10:50pm ·
    • Linda Medrano Sorry, I'm looking for some Hot Love.
      Monday at 11:15pm ·
    • John Bray Love with the proper stranger?
      Yesterday at 12:02am ·
    • Linda Medrano So is that like a Part Time Lover?
      20 hours ago ·
    • John Bray You've lost the lovin' feeling. (Am I repeating myself yet?)
      17 hours ago ·
    • Linda Medrano I'm not sure but I need to Justify My Love.
      17 hours ago ·
    • John Bray I love how you love me, Linda Medrano
      17 hours ago ·
    • Linda Medrano Well I Would Do Anything For Love. Ask Meatloaf.
      17 hours ago ·
    • John Bray I won't do that!
      16 hours ago ·
    • Linda Medrano Yeah, well, You Always Hurt The One You Love.
      16 hours ago ·
    • John Bray You're the cutest thing
      That I ever did see
      I really love your peaches
      Wanna shake your tree.
      Lovey-dovey, lovey-dovey, lovey-dovey all the time
      Ooo-eee baby, I'll sure show you a good time
      14 hours ago ·
    • Linda Medrano Well, that's The Glory of Love all right.
      13 hours ago ·
    • Michael Whiteman-Jones This has to end in heartbreak, tossed into the sea of love.
      13 hours ago ·
    • Linda Medrano We're just Taking A Chance On Love.
      13 hours ago ·
    • Michael Whiteman-Jones Better arrange to meet at the station then. You don't want to be late for the love train.
      13 hours ago ·
    • Linda Medrano And miss all that Good Lovin?
      12 hours ago ·
    • John Bray Nights in white satin, never reaching the end,
      Letters I've written, never meaning to send.
      Beauty I'd always missed with these eyes before.
      Just what the truth is, I can't say anymore.
      'Cos I love you, yes I love you, oh how I love you.
      11 hours ago · · 1 person
    • Linda Medrano Well, then Honey, just Let Your Love Flow.
      11 hours ago ·
    • Linda Medrano But let's be careful not to produce a "Love Child".
      11 hours ago ·
    • John Bray I once loved a woman, a child I'm told
      I give her my heart but she wanted my soul
      Don't think twice, it's all right.
      10 hours ago · · 2 people
    • Linda Medrano Think all you like, John, but the truth is You Can't Hurry Love.
      10 hours ago ·
    • John Bray When love comes to town I'm gonna jump that train...
      9 hours ago ·
    • Linda Medrano Still, you must agree, All You Need Is Love.
      9 hours ago ·
    • John Bray You're such dream lover. Me? My love is blue.
      8 hours ago ·
    • Alison Whiteman ‎65 comments? I never get 65 comments! LOL
      6 hours ago ·
    • John Bray Well, when a man loves a woman he can't keep his mind on nothing else.
      3 minutes ago ·
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