Monday, 31 March 2014

Photo Challenge - March

The theme of this month's photo challenge coordinated by P.J. over at a 'lilhoohaa is "one". 

One? Now I'm a music buff so when I hear a word or phrase I often think of a song. How about 1968's "One (Is The Loneliest Number)" by Three Dog Night or the hauntingly beautiful "One" by U2 from 1992? But those are videos and this is a photo challenge. So here are my "ones" from March

The sign said "one way". Maybe if I keep going I'll find summer.

The clock in the car said 1 o'clock. Don't stare too long. You may have an accident. 

I went to a hospital appointment about mid-March and parked my car on Level F-1

We're health conscious in my house. Well, one of us is anyway. We drink 1% milk.

And a quick visit to the music room turned up this post-Beatles Beatles CD of #1 Beatles songs.

That was my month. Now, march on over to P.J.'s place @ a 'lilhoohaa and see how the rest of the participants portrayed "one".

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Easy for me to say. Right?  Yeah, well, that's because I looked it up. I was sittin' around bored out of my skull, just pickin' my nose the other day… No, really. I was actually picking my nose. C'mon, admit it. You do it too. We all do it. It happens in even the best of families.

Some say what happens in your nose should stay in your nose. But they're lying. They do it too.

So as I was going for gold I was wondering where the hell all that stuff you pick out of your nose comes from. It really builds up, doesn't it? t mean, let's say you didn't pick your nose. Would it grow and grow until it eventually exploded? At the very least we'd have to breathe out of our mouths. We're doing our nose - and our intelligence quotient - a favour by cleaning it out like that every day. Oh, come on, sure I do it every day. Sometimes twice a day.  And I like it. It's gratifying. Hell, at my age it's about all I've got left that's gratifying. By the way the average is about four times a day so I've got a ways to go.

Wikipedia says: "Small particles such as dust, particulate pollutants, and allergens, as well as infectious agents bacteria are caught in the viscous nasal or airway mucus and prevented from entering the system.

I didn't know that. So then if you didn't pick your nose your viscous nasal mucus system could break down.

And what does one do once one has nudged their nose nuggets? I mean apart from exclaim "We've got a winner!" Some people flick it. Others collect it. Others wipe it in a Kleenex. And still others eat it.

Yeah. You read that right. They eat it. Now there are two schools of thought about this. One is that it's beneficial because it helps strengthen the body's immune system. The other of course is the exact opposite; that those nuggets are full of germs and will make you sick.

It makes me sick just thinking about it.

So what's the proper etiquette when it come to discarding your nose pickings?

I'm not sure. All I can say is you can pick your nose and you can pick your friends but you can't wipe them under the couch.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

How Does It Feel?

Did you ever encounter a song that just blew you away? It wasn't necessarily your favourite song and it didn't change your life. But the first time you heard it you were left virtually breathless.

I have several.

Back in the mid-sixties, local radio pretty much sucked. There was something called The Campus Club on the most popular station in Ottawa, and they were starting to get into rock and roll. But they only played it in the evenings. The rest of the day the radio station featured Montovani and his ilk.

I was in my early teens and every night while I was doing my homework and after when I went to bed I'd listen to the American stations I could pull in on my tiny transistor radio. They were so far ahead of Canadian stations. WABC in New York and WBZ in Boston. Now they played rock and roll…long before FM radio.

And so I was introduced to rock and roll in my early teens. And I've been a fan ever since.

Now, as I said, there were several songs that upon hearing them for the first time blew me away. 1973's Darkside of the Moon by Pink Floyd had that impact, particularly the track The Great Gig in the Sky. I'd never heard anything quite like Claire Torry's haunting vocals.

In 1970 I was completely in awe of The Who's Live at Leeds version of Substitute and some years earlier Time Won't Let Me by The Outsiders in 1966 sent shivers up my spine,particularly the blaring horns.

But I think the song that had the biggest impact on me, just made me stop in my tracks with my mouth open was a little ditty by Bob Dylan. The drums, the organ,the electric guitar, the spat out lyrics and the over-riding question: is he talking about The Rolling Stones? Hey, I thought Bob Dylan was a folk-singer.

Here's a clip of Dylan performing the song with the Band in London in 1966. It's that famous concert where a fan yelled out "Judas" because Bob had gone electric.

I would love to have been there when that guy yelled "Judas". Because I would have asked  Bob "How does it feel?"

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

We Have The Technology...

No, I'm not the Six Million Dollar Man. Close, though, after a couple of medical procedures I've had recently.

I know, I know, you're thinking male enhancement. Haven't gone there…yet. No, a couple of months ago I got fitted for hearing aids. My wife was very happy because she didn't have to yell at me anymore, put up with my loud music or suffer if she wanted to watch something I was watching on TV - with the volume cranked up to 35.

It's been a bit of an adjustment for me. I often have to tell Mrs D to speak in her "inside voice" or ask her if she's yelling at me on purpose. I guess old habits die hard. Things are so much louder than they used to be I refer to my hearing as having dog's ears.

The downside is finding just the right setting for these things. The hearing aids are hidden in my ear canal and can only be adjusted in the audiologist's office. Sometimes the TV voices, while loud enough, can be so tinny that they're hard to understand. Listening to music is also on the treble end of the scale lacking that booming base. And restaurants are a real challenge. I hear all the background conversations and dishes being smacked together which kind of drowns out the conversation at the table.

But I'm sure I'll adjust. Hey, the volume on the TV's at 15 now.

Meanwhile, last week I had another procedure. No, no, not the male enhancement thingy. I had cataract surgery on my left eye. Prior to the surgery I was very anxious. I'd checked it all out on the internet - big mistake - and came across this:

Holy shit, I thought, they're gonna stick all that stuff in my eye. And they don't knock you out for this surgery. They give you a local anesthetic. Great I'm gonna get a needle in my eyeball.

But, hey, they know what they're doing. They give you a valium and drops in your eye that kind of freeze it. After that I didn't feel a thing during the twenty minute or so procedure.

And I can see! The difference is like night and day - night being how I used to see.

So I already have super hearing. Just wait till I get the other eye done. At this rate I may end up with x-ray vision.

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