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10? Yes 10!  Not that my blog looks anything like Bo Derek - well, except for today. And Bo Derek graces my blog in her iconic role because nonamedufus turns 10 today. That's right. It was 10 years ago this month when I first waded into the blogosphere. I started out using the blog to update family and close friends on my battle with cancer. I'm happy to say that 10 years later not only is my blog still here but so am I.

Some of my friends weren't so lucky. And I can think of three blogging buddies in particular who passed on. Donnie Kingery of Beyond Left Field from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Sandie Bigler, otherwise known as Quirkyloon I miss you guys a lot. Gone too soon as they say.

But I keep on keeping on. Over 3,000 posts. Over 1,150,000 page views - that's a lot of visitors.

But blogging just isn't the same as it used to be. At the height of my popularity as a humour blogger I'd generate 20-30 comments per post. Now I can count my commenters on one hand. Some days on one finger.

But hey, I still enjoy it. Although my blog is a little frayed around the edges with links that don't work and other weird things. And while most of my blogging buddies have shuttered their blogs in favour of Facebook, I'm still plugging away. And who knows for how much longer. We'll see.

Meanwhile I've got a movie to watch.


nonamedufus said…
Forgot to mention I've outlive membership in several blogging collectives. HumorBloggerDot Com, Tribal Bloggers Studio30+ Alas they've all gone the way of the dodo bird.
Cheryl said…
Studio 30 too? Wow! You just keep chugging along while the rest of us fade away.
LOTGK said…
I miss the old Modblog group, great fun there.
And keep on blogging. I am not stopping until the real truth of the JFK assassination comes to light. (which means forever!!!)
nonamedufus said…
LOTGK: Wow, you're a blast from the past. Good to hear you're still at it.

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