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30 Days of Photos

30 Days of Photographs II

In April 2012, 16 unsuspecting bloggers agreed to join Ziva and Michael in a 30 day exercise. We would post a photo every day and honour the theme of that day. Here's my collection, starting with the latest and ending with the earliest. Cause that's just how I am ... Oh, and there is no I. We start with II...

30 Days of Photographs II

30 Days of Photos III

Again? Yes again. In October 2012 MikeWJ and Ziva cast their magical spell over a bunch of unsuspecting bloggers and enticed them to join in another episode of 30 Days of Insanity... a picture a day for 30 days.

I and my trusty iPhone joined in and clicking on the link will take you to my collection...

30 Days of Photos III

30 Days of Photos IV

Okay, okay, by now you're saying "Gee, that Nonamedufus is a masochist. He'll do almost anything and it doesn't even involve money".

And you'd be right. Lord knows how I fall for this every time it comes around. It may have something to do with the ongoing teasing from Ziva about her whip. This time it was September 2013 and just under 20 blogging photographers took part.

Clink on the link below to see my efforts for the month...

30 Days of Photos IV


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